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References – SQS Inspection

Detection and inspection of installations and equipment of the CP1Z Complex petrochemical division of Sonatrach in Arzew for compliance with legislation:
a) Preparation of detailed global reports in the following areas:
– Integrity of plumbing and equipment,
– Risk prevention,
– Protection of the health and safety of employees,
– Prevention of chemicals and / or associated risks,
– Environmental protection in the context of sustainable development,
b) Action plans for the implementation of the compliance program, accompanied by a program.
• 21.01.2021 – 06/05/2021: -JGC ALGERIA S.p.A; Precomissioning Protection Cathodique Materials, for the project “SONATRACH / DP / HMD Bo 07-7382-2-P / 2187-001- A”
• 14.09.2020 -26.10.2020: JGC Algerie Project No: 1802; Co-commissioning and Precomissioning Cathodic Protection, for the project
“Boosting Hassi R’mel phase -3”
• 04.2018 – 08.2018: Sarl IBP, Oran / ALGERIE; Destructive and non-destructive inspections: Inspection by 3 parts; APG / AGV, UT, PT, VT; NAFTAL Projects
• 05.2015-07.2015 Quality controls Emek Boru A.Ş. Türkiye Port of Arzew Mostaganem (Landfill and disposal controls)
• 11/2014 – 12.2014 Quantity controls Emek Boru A.Ş. Türkiye port of Djen Djen Wilaya Jijel (Discharge and evacuation controls)
• 2011-30.04.2014 Sonatrach TRC; On-site assembly control Ø 48ʺ Hassi-Messaoud – Hassi-R’Mel gas pipeline line (336 Km) Cosider, on behalf of Sonatrach.
• 2008-30.09.2010 Sonatrach TRC; For the performance of quality control and work monitoring services (Line and Station) Ø 40ʺ Hassi-R’Mel – Laghouat gas pipeline line (236 km), on behalf of onatrach.
• 2008-31.05.2010 Sonatrach TRC; On-site assembly control
Line & Pipe station for liquefied gas Ø 24ʺ Hassi-R’Mel – Arzew (504 Km), on behalf of Sonatrach.
• 2011-15.04.2012: Quantity controls Emek Boru A.Ş. Türkiye port of Djen Djen, wilaya Jijel (Landfill and evacuation controls).

II-System of administration
• 05.01.2021 Sarl BMS Electric Ager / ALGERIE: ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018
• 01.08.2019 – Eurl LGCBTP, Algiers / ALGERIA: ISO 9001: 2015
• 08.2018 Sarl GTBPB, Algiers / ALGERIA: ISO 9001: 2015
• 03.2018 Sarl BMS electric, Algiers / ALGERIA: ISO 9001: 2015
• 07.2010 Sarl TES Consulting Engineering, Algiers / ALGERIA:
-ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management system;
-SO 14001 Environmental management system
-ISO 18001 OHSAS (Occupational health and safety management system)
• Sarl BMS Electric, Algiers / ALGERIA ISO 9001: 2008 Quality management system
• 08.2016 Sarl GTPHB, Algiers / ALGERIA ISO 9001S quality management system

III-HSE Services
• 04.05.2021 – 13.05.2021: JGC ALGERIA S.p.A; HAZOP study, SIL study (Option): Carrying out HAZOP and SIL studies to direct the hot oil path from the heater of train 2 to the NGL heater of El Merk FCP
• 18.06.2019 – 30.04.2020: JGC Algerie Project No: 1802; Scope of services: Hazid / Envid- Hazop -Classification Sll – Simops – QRA including fha and radiation / dispersion of the quagmire.
• 30.06.2019 -20.10.2019: Total Algeria; Scope of services: Carrying out of an ATEX study and a HAZOP review for the bitumen manufacturing unit of TOTAL Bitumes Algeria located in Ouargla
• 24.07.2019 – 31.05.2020: JGC Algerie, Project 1803; Scope of services: HAZID / ENVID- HAZOP -SIL classification- QRA study- FERA study
• 07.08.2019 -30.04.2020: JGC Algeria, Project 1902; Scope of services: HAZID / IENVID Study, Session and Report HAZOP Study, Session and Report-Study SIL Classification: Session and Report – QRA Study: Quantitative Risk Assessment, FERA Study, Fire Explosion Risk Assessment – EDD Update ( Danger Study) – Dispersion and radiation study
• 01.11.2020- 30.04.2020: JGC Algeria, Project 1901; Scope of services: HAZID / ENVID Study, Session and Report HAZOP Study: Session and Report, SIL Classification Study, Session and Report, QRA Study, SIMOPS Study, FHA Study, Human Factors Rappot, – FERA Study: Emergenci Events & Consequence Assesment Stady