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Services – SQS Inspection

Certification of product, personnel and system

1) Certification of management systems

We offer our services of certification of system in the fields according to:
– ISO 9001 (Management System of quality),
– ISO 14001 (Management System of environment),
– ISO 22000 (Management system of food safety),
– OHSAS 18001(Management system of Professional and safety),
– ISO 3834, EN 729, EN 1090, EN 15085 (Warranty of quality in welded works).

2) Personnel Certification

SQS has offering ¨accredited¨ certification programs for,
– Welder and Welding Operators (acc. to ISO 9606, ASME Sec. IX and AWS)
– Non-Destructive Testing Personnel (acc. to EN ISO 9712 / ASNT) in,

  • Radiographic Film Interpretation
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Level 1, 2
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 1, 2
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection Level 1, 2
  • Visual Inspection Level 1, 2
    – Safety Training Programs for different level of operators, site personnel and office personnel.

Most of the trainings is available as on-line distance learning programs

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Compliance Audits
•Third Party Audits / Assessments/Due Diligence
SQS, have experts offering 2nd Party/ 3nd Party Compliance Audits and Technical Due Diligence:

  • Quality audits,
  • Vendor Pre-qualification audits,
  • Health & Safety audits,
  • Risk Assessment audits,
  • Technical due diligence,
  • Used equipment evaluation,
  • Valuation of equipment and plants.

Currently SQS has awarded the contracts of large international Oil and Gas Companies for the evaluation and accreditation of supplier and contractors according to the HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality) requirements of client’s and SQS HSE Checklists.

SAFE SUPPLIER Program is bringing contractors and supplier, who are investing in Quality, Environment and Safety, together with project owners, who are looking for it.

SAFE CARE and SAFE CATERING Programs are accredited Assessment Programs, specially developed for Kindergarden’s, Home’s for elderly and Catering Services

Independent Inspection Control
The services include inspection of shop manufacturing and site erection. Beside that, quality surveillance inspection and expediting of mechanical (valves, vessels, castings, forgings, etc.) and electrical (transformers, cables, panels etc.) components and inspection of shipment is also provided by the division.

We are specialized in;
Construction Management and Inspection
• Assessment of the Technical Condition.
• Technical Inspections.
• Compliance to the Projects.
• Project Management.

Quality Inspection of Shop Fabrication and Site Erection of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Design Review and Approval.
Third Party Inspection of shop manufacturing of mechanical (pressure vessels, boilers, line pipes, welded structures, steel structures, machinery, pumps, compressors, etc.) and electrical components (transformers, control panels, cables etc.) acc. to relevant code and standards (EC Directives, EN, AD-Merkblaetter, ASME, TRD, API, AWS, IEC etc.) and client specifications.
Thermal Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Hydroelectrical Power Plants, Wind Energy Farms, Geo-thermal Power Plants.
Nuclear Power Plants.
PED Inspections.
Certification of Welders and Welding Personnel.
Welding Procedure Approvals.
Material Tests and Approvals.
Tests and Approvals of Welding Consumables.

Quantity Inspection / Inspection of Shipment

The experts of the division possess necessary field and production experience and international recognized qualifications, i.e.
Quality Auditors / Lead Auditors (IRCA)
European Welding Engineer (EWF, IIW)
Welding Inspectors CSWIP 3.2, 3.1 and 3.0
ASME Authorized Inspectors, AI, IC
Certified Inspectors acc. to API 653, API 510, API 570, API 580
Coating / Painting Inspectors (SSPC, NACE)
Safety Inspectors
Rope Access Inspectors
NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Inspectors Level I / II and III
(EN ISO 9712, SNT TC-1A)
– Visual – Ultrasonic – Radiographic – Magnetic Particle
– Liquid Penetrant – Eddy Current – Magnetic Flux
– Leakage – Infrared

Our inspectors and expediters are approved and recognized by Global Supply Group of Bechtel, Baker Hughes, Donaldson Europe and ARAMCO in following fields:
QM03 – Mechanical, QM04 – NDT,
QM05 – Line Pipe, QM06 – Fabricated Piping,
QM12 – Coating, QM13 – Lumber,
QM14 – Fasteners, QM15 – Structural Steel,
QM25 – Cranes, QM30 – Pressure Vessels,
QM32 – Boilers, QM33 – Heaters,
QM34 – Tanks, QM35 – Skid Mounted Equipment-Mechanical

Range of activities performed / services provided globally include;
• Ad-Hoc inspections: Individual one-off inspection activities at final inspection stage to verify compliance with client’s specification prior to delivery.
• Stage inspections; according to client instructions and/ or approved Inspection and Test plans.
• Resident inspection; monitoring of production, quality control and testing activities from start of manufacturing through to delivery.

With project deadline and schedules being calculated with less and less room for delay of any kind the importance of professional expediting resources grows ever more critical. The old-fashioned approach of starting the expediting process once the order is already in delay is no longer likely to result in timely delivery. à temps.

Integrity Assessment and Periodical Inspections

Periodical inspection, Condition Assessment and Remaining life-time Assessment of steel structures, pressure vessels, boilers, pipe lines etc.,

– Periodical Inspection and Integrity Assessment
• Periodical inspection and condition assessment of steel structures, pressure vessels, boilers, storage tanks, pipe lines, heat exchangers, etc.
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI, API 580) of pressure vessels, pipe-lines and boilers.
• Remaining lifetime assessment of power plants, boiler components, high pressure steam lines, reformers and reactors.Health and Safety Insections and Audits,
Health and Safety on work has no. 1 priority. The regulations and requirements are more stringent than before. SQS has developed a number of supporting services to help the companies to conform with the regulatory requirements:
Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment,
Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Audits, Due Diligence,

Periodical Inspection:

  • Pressure Vessels, Tanks,
  • Compressors,
  • Steam and Hot water boilers,
  • Lifting Equipment, Lugs, Wires, Ropes etc.,
  • Cranes,
  • Lifts,
  • Forklift, Trans pallets.
  • Inspection of Electrical Equipment,
  • Earth Measurements,
  • Thermal Camera Measurements,
  • Measurements with Energy Analyzer
  • Inspection of Pressure Safety Valves (on-line),
  • Inspection of Fire-fighting Systems

Periodical Inspection of Steam Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Steam Boilers, Air Tanks, Compressors etc.
Regulatory Inspections
Functional and Safety Tests
Non-Destructive Tests
Pressure Tests
〈 Periodical Inspection of Lifting Equipment such as Cranes, Lifts, Hooks, Slings, etc.
– Regulatory inspections
– Non-destructive Tests
– Load tests

〈 On-line Testing and Adjustment of Presure Relief Valves (PSV)

〈 Inspection of Fire Protection Systems
– Conformance to NFPA
– Functional Tests Function Tester
– Performance Tests of Firefighting Pumps

  • Inspection of ASBESTOS Containing Material (ACM)
    – ASBESTOS Safety Trainings,
    – Evaluation and Selection of ASBESTOS Removal Companies,
    – ASBESTOS Inventory Inspections
    (accredited by IAS acc. to ISO 17020),
    – Supervision of Removal of ASBESTOS Containing Materials
    (accredited by IAS acc. to ISO 17020),
    – Provision of ¨ASBEST FREE¨ Report,
    – Laboratory Analysis with SEM (JEOL Neoscope 6000) with EDS Dedector (accredited by IAS according to ISO 17025),

Destructive and Non-Destructive Inspections
– Conventional Non-destructive Inspection Applications
〈 Ultrasonic Inspection
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements
Ultrasonic Flaw Inspections
• Radiographic Inspection
– X-Ray
– Gamma Ray

〈 Magnetic Particle Inspection / Liquid Penetrant Inspection
Black Light Inspection
Day Light Inspection

〈 Vacuum Box Inspection
〈 Hardness Measurements
Portable Hardness Measurements
〈 Replica Inspection (Field Metallurgy)
Field Metallurgy, Micro-structure Evaluation
– Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

  • Phased Array / TOFD Ultrasonic Weld Inspection
    AGR Handy-Scan
    AGR Focus Scan
    • Digital Radiography
    Corrosion Inspection of Insulated Pipes and Equipment
  • Betatron
  • Compact, powerful, mobile, versatile
  • Output energy selectable up to 7,5 MeV
  • Penetrates 300mm steel, 2m concrete
  • Tank-Scanner

Bottom Plate Corrosion Mapping of Storage Tanks

• Pipe-Scanner
Corrosion Scanning of above ground Pipe Lines

〈 Corrosion Mapping
Wall crawler
• Inspection of Heat Exchangers
Eddy Current
Saturated Eddy Current
RFET (Remote Field Electromagnetic Techniqu• Video Endoscopy Inspection

〈 Thermal Camera Inspection
〈 PMI (Positive Material Identification) Inspection
〈 Acoustic Emission Inspection of Tank Bottom Plates
〈 Inspection of Drill Pipes, Drilling Equipment and Structures
Buggy Inspections
– Destructive Tests
〈 Macro – Micro Structure Evaluation
〈 Hardness Measurement
– Macro, Micro Hardness
– Damage Analysis
– Crack Analysis
〈 Mechanical Tests
Tensile Test
• Bending Test
• Fracture Test
• Charpy Notch Test

Management System Certification
• ISO 9001 (Quality Management System),
• ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System),
• ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System),
• ISO 22000 (Food hygiene management system),